“The Problem of Common Sense”- thoughts and reflection

[week 1]


Common sense is, according to Kumashiro, essentially the general thoughts within any society/culture toward education practices. It is the way education “should” be with regard to conditioning over the course of a person’s educational career. It is the standards expected of and demonstrated in schooling practices for a particular culture. 

Common sense is important to pay attention to because it fosters an environment wherein people become accustomed to certain things and begin to consider such things as the way things “should” be. This allows blind faith in the system, or education in this case, and a reluctance toward change and any differing perspectives. Differing perspectives may be outright rejected.

A reflective and critical approach toward education, somewhat described through the methods of anti-oppressive education described in the later half of the article, is a good way to negate the undesirable effects of common sense on education.


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