Friedrich Thassilo Albrecht Morhart

Born in 1989 on August 29th.

New opportunities are presented everyday but it can be hard to notice. Each opportunity taken is another chance to enrich and improve life.

Photos I post are accredited to myself and the family/friends/strangers who all help to capture such images.

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Who’s Friedrich?

Friedrich Thassilo Albrecht Morhart.

That is my name and I don’t go by anything other than Friedrich by choice. Of course circumstances lead to exceptions. One fun thing that is such an exception is that I have a Chinese name as well.
I complete my fourth year of University April 2019 and am working on a degree in Education and Kinesiology. Learning is important to me, there’s never too much I can learn.

I write a lot, although not as often as I would like; I’ve been working on a novel for the past very very long time and it really seems like it’s never going to be complete at this point. I have been distracted with university and the various volunteer experiences I used to engage in through my university experience. I have been changing, and so too have my habbits, I have reason to believe that I am closer now to being ready to finish.

I’ll include links to posts that might give a better understanding into the person I am below:

The Wings of the Gods

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